Secret Weapon

Hdqtrz Mastering Studios is centered around superb hardware as well as many other custom pieces created by us. The sound produced is magical and will do wonders for your music.

We offer excellent sound quality and all the warmth and color of vintage analog equipment together with the flexibility and sound transparency of advanced digital sound editing and processing.

We use advanced analog saturation algorithms and real analog compressors to achieve a sound with all the “warm” qualities of vintage analog tape recordings, without the disadvantages usually associated with that technology.

Our Online-mastering studios offer superior audio mastering online

Mastering in a professional mastering studio has never been easier for our clients. Great care is taken evaluating the needs of your music through completion of the master. We have experience with top artists and all music styles.

You will not be charged for your mastering project until you hear a one minute mastered sample of the music you send to us.

Once you are satisfied with the sound you may pay us online by going to our Rates page and scrolling down to the “Pay Here” button. Upon receipt of payment a link will be provided to you to download your full mastered track(s). If there is anything you want to correct in terms of sound we will work with you until you are satisfied.

You will hear the difference when your music is tailored the way you want your music to sound. Your tracks will be warm, full and ready for primetime.