Free Mastering Offer

We are so confident that we can master your audio to the highest possible standard; we are offering a FREE master of your 45 second long audio file.

How to send a snippet to HDQTRZ Mastering Studios for a free mastering sample.

Make certain no processing was done to the master 2-track (i.e. Limiting, multiband compression, and EQ). Send as an uncompressed .WAV or .AIFF (Do Not Send .MP3s or WMA’s)

If you only have audio files on a cd and don’t have a wave file extractor HDQTRZ recommends CD-EX as a free fully featured CD extraction program which can extract to the WAV format you need for Mastering. You can then send the extracted wave file to us.

  1. Please use located here.
  2. Please use our email address in the “your friends email’ on the form –  mastering at (replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’ and no spaces)
  3. Add comments (telephone #, notes, etc.) PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
  4. Browse to your 45 second .wav file location on your hard drive and click “Open”.
  5. Click the “Transfer” button
  6. You are done.

If you decide to hire HDQTRZ Mastering Studios for your mastering needs please contact me and we will create a Dropbox under your name. You can drop any files in your Dropbox that requires mastering and we can return the mastered files to you using the same process.

When we drop the files in your personal Dropbox you will receive an instant email notification that they are ready to be transferred to you.

Call Grammy Judge Earle Holder @ 404 643-8213 regarding any questions about the mastering process or send us an email and we will make arrangements to have your cd mastered.