At HDQTRZ we endeavor to produce a truly professional result at a reasonable price.

High End Analog/Hardware Mastering

With Analog Mastering your master will sound warmer and fatter, and more dimensional. Our analog equalizers create shimmering highs without being harsh, and lows that are round and punchy without being tubby. Our high end analog compressors can add the mid range punch and thickness that may be missing in a typical digital master.

Extensive revisions, or revisions deemed to be due to deficiencies in the mix may incur additional charges at HDQTRZ discretion.

HDQTRZ Mastering Studio can work together with our client’s to meet their needs if they are on a limited budget. We do this on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you wish to talk to us further.

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At HDQTRZ Mastering Studios we strive to produce outstanding results at reasonable prices. We like to tailor fit our mastering services with our clients needs and budget.

Please call us on 404 643-8213 for mastering rates.

I don’t send you an invoice until you have heard a Mastered sample of your track. If everything is satisfactory I will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of payment I will send you a download link containing both a mastered wave and MP3 version. We can also prepare your track for iTunes delivery.

Discounts available for recording studios who contract with us. You must have a web page.

Please note: We require 50% up front to start the work and the balance is due when the work is completed.