The Artizen Company (TAC), is a film and theater company, co-founded by long time artistic collaborators Tae Eady and Aimee McCoy.

Both Tae and Aimee were educated and trained right here in Georgia and have over thirty years combined experience in theater and film.

This team brings many talents to the table, including directing, writing, devising, and acting; while maintaining the mindset and actions of activists.

TAC are confident that their skills and experience in film and theater make them ideal for special projects.

They have experience in documentary and narrative fiction filmmaking, as well as traditional and nontraditional theatrical performance.

TAC use their specific talents to contribute to groundbreaking organizations, communities and artistic collaborations.

The Artizen Company in their work, which often has social justice themes or components, always aim to construct visual and compelling video packages to give clients and viewers as much of an actual live experience as possible.

This practice helps them grow and connect as artists, and move forward in the development of their exciting work.

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