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  • Har-Bal – This superior method of EQ’ing and harmonic balancing gives Har-Bal it’s distinction as the premiere spectrum analyzer for the most important step in the CD mastering process.
  • Audio Mastering Search Engine – Here is a search engine Earle Holder created that allows you to specifically search on Mixing and Mastering topics around the world.
  • Star House Entertainers – “A Talent Development Company” Where we offer affordable Voice lessons, Artist Development Packages, and unique all in one classes for Kidz and Teenz !
  • ZE – Okay folks this album gets my endorsement! She is from London and has been blowing up the airwaves. I can’t wait to see her perform here in the United States. Let’s show her our love and support. Welcome to the home page of singer/songwriter ZE. Here you’
  • Alfred Hawkins – Coming from the R&B world ,this artist was destined to inspire; all with a catchy beat, and heart felt melodies, all makes a lasting song listening experience, be inspired!!
  • OtsDJ – One of the absolute best software DJ programs currently on the market. You have to check this out for yourself. It will blow you away!!
  • The Mastering Process – If you are having a problem mastering your own material Earle Holder has made available a guide that spells the process out for you step by step along with the settings and tools you need. It doesn’t get any easier than this. (This is a pdf file)
  • Film Forum TV Show – Welcome to the web page for Film Forum Television Program. Film Forum is a live 30 minute magazine-style program devoted to the film and video business. Film Forum is hosted by Aron Siegel and Matt Ceccato who also produce the show.
  • Fashion Alarm Mode – The look, the style, the art of Fashion
  • Sharon Clarke – Fashion designs made to captivate and command attention.
  • Find Sounds – Welcome to Find Sounds, a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples
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